Nu, Pogodi! - Well, Just You Wait! Russian Cartoon.

USSR cartoon series Nu, Pogodi! ('Well, Just You Wait!') has often been recognized Russia's answer to the classic US cartoons from the 40s, distributed in the USSR for a limited period after WWII. First created in 1969, the Nu, Pogodi! series characterized the art of toons for generations of children not solely in Russia but in several countries in Eastern Europe.

The series was created in 16 10-minute-episodes by the studio Soyuzmultfilm between 1969 and 1986, with 4 extra episodes created in 1993 and 2005. First 18 episodes are directed by Vyacheslav Kotyonochkin, episodes 17 and 18 by Vladimir Tarasov, and the last two are directed by Aleksey Kotyonochkin.

A typical "catch-me-if-you-can" story, Nu, Pogodi! follows the "bad guy" wolf as he desperately attempts to hunt down - and, presumably, eat - the bunny hero. The plot is the similar to the world-famous cartoons Tom & Jerry or Road Runner. Though at some point brutal, the wolf is not brutish but can use few clever tricks and refined skills to attempt to acquire his target - he can play the guitar, figure skate or dance Waltz, depending on the circumstances.

The series additionally features a sturdy hippopotamus, usually cast as a person in authority, and friendly bears in supporting roles.

Every episode shows various aspects of life. For example, episode in a museum, in a city, in the fairground at night.

A typical trademark of the series is the wolf's recurring threat at the final of every episode, after having seen his nefarious schemes fail once again: Nu, zayats, nu pogodi! ('Bunny, just you wait!') - one of the not many used lines in the series, in which the soundtrack primarily consists of non-verbal sounds and music, with well-known tunes adapted to fit the storylines.

Nowadays, Nu, Pogodi! has a big nostalgia and cult importance for adults in Russia and many European countries, while the classic and new episodes continue to attract new audiences among today's children.

Nu, Pogodi episode list:

  • 1. "City and Beach" (1969)
  • 2. "Fairground at Night" (1970)
  • 3. "Road" (1971)
  • 4. "Stadium" (1971)
  • 5. "City" (1972)
  • 6. "Countryside" (1973)
  • 7. "Sea Voyage" (1973)
  • 8. "New Year Celebration" (1974)
  • 9. "Television Studio" (1976)
  • 10. "At a Construction Site" (1976)
  • 11. "Circus" (1977)
  • 12. "Museum" (1978)
  • 13. "Olympic Games" (1980)
  • 14. "Children's Extra-scholar Activities Centre" (1984)
  • 15. "The House of Culture" (1985)
  • 16. "In the World of Russian Folk Tales" (1986)
  • 17. "Exotic Land on Island" (1994)
  • 18. "Supermarket" (1995)
  • 19. "Beach" (2005)
  • 20. "Dacha Community" (2006)

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