The Best of Zagreb Film - Volume 1: Be Careful What You Wish For

Fifteen stories of irony, double cross, and mystery. Some are hilarious, some poignant, all memorable.

Big Time (6:18)
(Veliki Provod)

A piggy-bank runs away from a boy who was just about to smash it. The pursuit of the pig by a gallery of oddball characters makes this a Zagreb Film favorite.

  • Special Diploma, London

Curiosity (7:50)

Director Borivoj (Bordo) Dovnikovic was known for combining humor with an acute understanding of human psychology. This is a film about human curiosity - an affliction for which no cure has ever been found.

  • 1967 Special Diploma, Belgrade
  • 1967 Special Certificate, Cracow
  • 1967 First Prize for Animated Film, Leipzig

Musical Pig (8:54)
(Muzikalno Prase)

Zlatko Grgic's comical story of an operatic pig who finally finds a friend, but at a price.

  • 1966 First Prize, Leipzig
  • 1977 Diploma, New York

Okay! (:57)

This boisterously entertaining cartoon from Zlatko Pavlinic demonstrates that in the war between the sexes, nothing is as it first appears.

  • 1974 Diploma, Melbourne
  • 1973 Festival Participants Award, Oberhausen.

Elegy (3:40)

A prisoner stares sadly into a courtyard from behind the bars of his cell's small window. As the year go by, the growth a single red flower gives him hope. Directed by Nedeljko Dragic.

  • 1966 Diploma, Venice
  • 1971 Award for Exceptional Merit, Philadelphia

The Fifth One (2:34)

Pavao Stalter's humorous look at human stubbornness. A harmonious quartet confronts an indestructible pest - the trumpet player.

  • 1965 Special Certificate, New York
  • 1965 Special Certificate, London
  • 1965 Honorary Award, Vienna
  • 1965 Special Diploma, Cracow

The Wall (3:22)

A wall blocks the path of two people. One man submits, while the other refuses to admit defeat. Finally the second man smashes a hole in the wall with his head, paying for the victory with his life. Now the other person's path is open - at least until the next wall. Directed by Ante Zaninovic.

  • 1966 Special Prize, London
  • 1966 First Prize, San Francisco
  • 1966 First Prize, Belgrade
  • 1966 Honorary Diploma, Locarno
  • 1966 City of Zagreb Award
  • 1966 Special Diploma, Bergamo
  • 1966 First Prize, Mamaia
Prayer (:54)

Good luck, bad luck - they both come quickly in this brief gem by Radivoje Gvozdanovi.

  • 1972 Jury Award, Oberhausen

Paranoia (3:51)

Running to hide from his pursuers, our hero is hunted through the dark streets of the city. He locks himself in his apartment, but the pursuers are there as well.

The Ceremony (3:14)

Another classic by Bordo Dovnikovic. Six people are grouped and regrouped in front of a wall as if for a photograph. But all is not as it seems.

The Fly (7:54)

A Kafka-like tale about a man and a fly butting heads, but ending up as equals. Directed by the successful team of Aleksandar Marks and Vladimir Jutrisa.

  • 1968 Grand Prize Golden Hugo Award, Chicago
  • 1967 Special Certificate, New York
  • 1967 Special Certificate, London
  • 1967 First Prize for Animated Film and Critics' Prize, Belgrade
  • 1967 Grand Prize, Oberhausen
  • 1967 Second Prize, Triest
  • 1967 Honorary Diploma, Acapulco
  • 1969 City of Zagreb Award
  • 1982 Silver Clove Award, Sitges

MaxiCat in The Hat (:58)

MaxiCat in Lunch (:57)

MaxiCat in Broom (1:06)

Three more episodes in the 24-part series starring Zlatko Grigic's comic cat.


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