The Best of Zagreb Film - Volume 1: The Classic Collection

Starting with Ersatz, the first film from outside the United States to win an Academy Award for best animated film, these seven cartoons are ambassadors of the most unique offerings from the legendary Zagreb Film studio.

Ersatz (9:24)

This Oscar-winner by Dusan Vukotic tells the story of a tourist on a beach who "inflates" an entire village. A passionate love develops, provoking jealousy, vengeance, and in the end tragedy. In the end, a small nail reminds everybody of the artificiality of the world that has been created.

  • 1962 Academy Award
  • 1961 First Prize, San Francisco
  • 1962 First Prize, Belgrade
  • 1962 City of Zagreb Award
  • 1962 Special Jury Award, Oberhausen
  • 1963 First Prize and Audience Award, Prague
  • 1971 Special Merit Award, Philadelphia

Diary (8:09)

Memories of both the wonder and alienation of life reverbrates in this animated diary by Nedeljko Dragic, one of Zagreb Film's most acclaimed artists.

  • 1974 Grand Prize, Zagreb
  • 1975 Gold Medal, Chicago
  • 1975 City of Zagreb Award
  • 1975 Gold Medal, Belgrade
  • 1975 Will Welling Award, Oberhausen

Mask of the Red Death (9:18)
(Maska Crvene Smrti)

Based on the Edgar Allan Poe story. A plague devastates the world, but inside the castle Count Prospero and his decadent court continue their orgies. The plague then takes a mysterious form to do its evil work.

  • 1971 Diploma, Annecy
  • 1971 First Prize, New York
  • 1971 Special Diploma, London
  • 1971 Best Animation at the Hollywood 8th World Festival of Animation
  • 1970 Gold Medal, Belgrade
  • 1970 Silver Pelican, Mamaia
  • 1971 Third Prize, Bilbao
  • 1971 FILMEX Diploma
  • 1972 Silver Medal, Atlanta

Butterflies (9:13)

In this typically wild ride by Kresimir Zimonic a lonesome girl at the seashore unexpectedly learns something about herself.

  • 1988 Special Award for Artistic Value, Zagreb
  • 1988 Gold Medal for Music and Effects, Belgrade

Last Waltz in Old Mill (6:12)
(Posljednji Valcer U Starom Mlinu)

A relatively new (1995) film, it was written by Oscar-winner Dusan Vukotic. In live action, an old man feeds a flower mill. Two seeds are then transferred into animated lovers who dance their last waltz.

Fisheye (8:45)
(Riblje Oko)

Josko Marusic represents the new breed of animators in Zagreb today, with ties to the old school. In this metaphor of how the normal order of things sometimes goes awry, one night the fish take over.

  • 1980 Special Jury Award, Ottawa
  • 1980 First Prize in Category, Sitges
  • 1980 Grand Prize, Belgrade
  • 1980 Audience Award, Zagreb
  • 1980 Bronze Award, Chicago
  • 1983 Special Award of the International Cinema Federation, Rotterdam
  • 1983 International Jury Award for Best Animated Film, Madrid
  • 1983 First Award in Category, Brussels

Mass in A Minor (3:48)
(Misa U A-Molu)

This 1996 film by Goce Vaskov uses music and imagery to portray the extraordinary beauty of the forces of nature. It also introduced the Zagreb school into the world of computer animation.


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